President Bobbi Cordano, Gallaudet University

Through his tremendous success on the runway and participation in Dancing With the Stars, Nyle DiMarco follows in the footsteps of numerous Gallaudet University alumni who have shown that deaf people can achieve any dream. Admirably, he has seized this moment to advocate for full and equal early access to language for deaf and hard […]

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National Association of the Deaf

Nyle DiMarco is the latest in a long line of confident role models who demonstrate the power of being bilingual using American Sign Language (ASL) and English, and he unabashedly shares the powerful role his bilingual upbringing has had in his success. His success is unsurprising, as every child needs and deserves love and language. […]

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Language Equality & Acquisition for Deaf Kids (LEAD-K)

Language Equality & Acquisition for Deaf Kids (LEAD-K) is proud to endorse the Nyle DiMarco Foundation. Nyle is the LEAD-K celebrity spokesperson, helping to further the initiative promoting language equality and acquisition to ensure that Deaf Kids are Kindergarten-Ready. The Nyle DiMarco Foundation’s mission is to empower positive Deaf Identities in all aspect of life, […]

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Deaf Women United

DWU stands with Nyle DiMarco and his foundation, with its mission on endorsing and promoting natural and visual/tactile language, specifically sign language, in deaf babies and children, so that they can become thriving Deaf adults.

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